ANN: TopStyle 4.0 Final Release

Several months ago I announced that Stefan van As had taken over TopStyle and was hard at work on version 4.0.  Today I get to announce that the final release of TopStyle 4.0 is here – and it’s a whole lot better than even I anticipated.

Seriously, Stefan has done a great job turning the aging TopStyle 3.0 into a tool that I believe every Windows-based web author should own.  There’s a ton of new stuff in this release, including:

  • Unicode support
  • Live FTP editing
  • Extensible toolbars
  • Script insight for ASP (both JavaScript and VBScript), PHP and ColdFusion
  • Live spelling
  • CSS definition support for IE8, Firefox 3 and Safari 3
  • IE8 document compatibility

My favorite new feature is probably the embedded WebKit preview which enables seeing how your site will look in Apple Safari, along with a very slick preview of how it will appear in an iPhone or iPod Touch:

Head over to the TopStyle 4 web site for complete details, including update pricing and trial version download.

ANTI-DISCLAIMER: I no longer earn anything from TopStyle sales, so I don’t benefit from gushing about the new release :)

7 thoughts on “ANN: TopStyle 4.0 Final Release

  1. Hello Nick!
    It is nice to hear that there is new version of TopStyle. I use 3.5 and I want to upgrade it to 4.0, but… when I enter it redirects me to
    I am not sure if gives me enough security to give my credit cards data. AFAIR dynip helps to hide real IP of website owner.
    Just write a word, that buying topstyle there is safe, and I will do it. Otherwise – I will not risk my credit card info.
    ps. I know that buying procedure is via, but still that gives me some wrong feelings about that.

  2. Great to hear you say that, Stanley! As you can imagine, I really worried about handing over TopStyle to someone else, so I was relieved to find someone of Stefan’s caliber to take it over. He’s done an outstanding job, IMO.

  3. Hi
    Fantastic work from Stefan, fine design and cool-modern interface, fine icons. I hoped that TopStyle would be the new “HomeSite 6” and I think he made it. Next version; TopStyle 5, “Database inspector”.

  4. so this one can be used with iphone? I just got the new phone a few days. I think i will give it a try, is there a money back guarantee?

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