10 thoughts on “Shooting at Bubbles: Nick Bradbury and FeedDemon – The Interview

  1. Quote ——-
    What we haven’t mentioned before (yes, you’re reading it here first) is that I’m no longer employed by NewsGator. FeedDemon remains a NewsGator-branded product, but I’m 100% in charge of it now, and I’m once again an indie developer. FeedDemon is my sole focus – and my sole source of income. Given that so many people find the idea of paying for software to be alien, having ads ensures that I can earn a living.
    —— End Quote
    I found this interesting news. It begins to explain part of the story behind the beta testing process.
    Best of luck as you move forward.

  2. I am most surprised that you actually browse the internet in FeedDemon. Without IE plugins, such as adblock, or even accelerators, this is extraordinarily ascetic.

  3. Thanks, Ethan! Yes, that probably does explain why the beta process was a bit stranger than usual, but I should add that NewsGator and I didn’t come to our decision until the beta process was well underway.

  4. @Alexey: Most of IE’s add-ons work just fine in FeedDemon, so I don’t feel like I’m denying myself anything by browsing in FeedDemon. And truth be told, I find most (but not all) add-ons to be more trouble than they’re worth in the first place.

  5. The best for your independence, Nick.
    I have used FeedDemon for years, and was happy to pay for it before since it was the best product out there. Now that it is free and synchs with Google Reader (whose synching I have grown to like), I still like the desktop client better and will pay for innovation! Looking forward to the innovations you have in mind; with Seesmic and TweetDeck and all sorts of apps out there, I can see some pretty interesting mashups in FD’s future.
    The best for you and your work.

  6. Hey Nick,
    I’m a huge fan of FeedDemon and just wanna say thanks and keep up the good work. I hope that this move will pave way to a greater and awesome-r FeedDemon! One request I have is an improved Feedstation (read: grouping of downloaded podcasts). I think that it’s an underrated podcatcher and has a lot of potential.

  7. Will we see support for ubuntu. feeddeamon is the only reason i keep windows on this unit. love feeddeamon! my news source, my brouser etc.

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