21 thoughts on “I Just Bought a New Computer

  1. Welcome to the cult. It takes some getting used to, but you’ll probably enjoy the change.
    As a Delphi user who switched a couple of years ago, I’ve never regretted it for a second.

  2. We know what we have to do: “Congrats!” I don’t know why everyone says that ;)
    What’s it for? Just for casual surfing?

  3. @Rob: that’s pretty much what I’m planning to do! I’ll make it my primary system, and rely on VMware to enable me to keep developing and using FeedDemon.

  4. Nick – I would suggest putting the VM on a Firewire disk (an SSD maybe?) – I have my Parallels VM on my MBP’s single disk and it can really slow things down…

  5. Congrats Nick! I’m pretty sure Santa is bringing me one this year. I really like my PCs but there’s something about this computer that really appeals to me.

  6. Oh, I thought you had a new computer but it’s just a Mac :-)
    Better luck next time!

  7. *Looks to the skies*
    Please God, now that Nick has a Mac, please make him produce a native version of FeedDemon for OSX. Pleeeeeeeease.
    *Genuflects, etc*

  8. Don’t forget to install the developer tools from install disk.. that in itself is like xmas.

  9. Oh! I *can’t* *wait* to see what you cook up on that! Just let us know when the first alpha of WHATEVER it is is ready :-D

  10. Yeah – enjoy it while you can… If you’re used to developing on a Windows machine then pretty soon you’ll smash your own skull in with this device. Heck! Smashing your skull in with the device is better user experience than trying to work with loads of different windows on OSX.
    Congrats never the less! I truly enjoy the experience of a mac on the couch. Where I just have a couple of windows open though..

  11. So is that it? You’re not going to be developing software for Windows any more (apart from keeping FeedDemon up to date)? Feels like the end of an era, and another nail in the lid of Windows. Are we reaching the stage where we *have* to buy Apple hardware just to get a decent computing experience?

  12. Nick,
    My iPad is a very lonely place without FeedDemon. The rss readers for the iPad suck!

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