My Top 20 Minor Annoyances

If you've been on Facebook or Twitter for any length of time, chances are you're following at least one person who constantly complains about all the little things that annoy them. If they stub their toe, wake up with bad hair, or someone just looks at them funny, they immediately post about it.

In an effort to not become one of these people, I've decided to spout off my minor annoyances here. That way I can get them off my chest without bothering my Facebook friends. So, in no particular order, here they are:

  1. People who blow their nose in restaurants
  2. Lights that are controlled by more than one switch
  3. Wearing wet socks
  4. Dr. Phil
  5. "New" music which rips off classic rock
  6. Fitness fanatics who worry about eating too much at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  7. Fake eyebrows
  8. People who think you can't see them picking their nose because they're in their car
  9. Athletes who all-too-obviously thank god when they win a game
  10. Doorbells that play music
  11. Anyone who tries to cure your hiccups
  12. Sarah Palin
  13. TV commercials that are twice as loud as the show you're watching
  14. Walking down stairs and thinking there's another step when there isn't one
  15. Being woken up by the sound of your own snoring
  16. Food with an unreadable expiration date
  17. Slow elevators
  18. Waiting for a long time at a red light when there's no other traffic in sight
  19. People in an audience who loudly say "Shhhhh!" when everyone is supposed to be quiet
  20. Clogging up the toilet in someone else's house

Bonus: Geek that I am, I can't help but mention my top five geeky annoyances:

  1. Software that asks whether you really want to exit
  2. Constant Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader updates
  3. Anyone who acts superior because of their choice of operating system
  4. Video games that make you start the level over when you die
  5. Auto-correct that turns a technical term into a cuss word

13 thoughts on “My Top 20 Minor Annoyances

  1. I’m pretty sure legislation was just passed that mandates commercials maintain a level of volume consistent with what is being watched. :) So maybe you can scratch 13 off your list . . . at some point. :)

  2. I’ve never seen a fake eyebrow and not sure how to recognize one; something new. Certainly could have added the seemingly incessant FireFox updates.

  3. My number 1 annoyance is people who talk politics in places which I expect to be politics free. Are there no politics free zones left?
    And here’s a tip for you. Don’t piss of potential paying customers by expressing your political views.

  4. Well done, Nick, I agree in all but one point: Sarah Palin is not a minor annoyance but a pain in the a….

  5. I’m really puzzled about No. 1: “People who blow their nose in restaurants”
    What else are they supposed to do? Do you really want them ignore their runny nose and just let it, well, run? :D

  6. Hey man, I came here to check out whether I wanted to upgrade to FD4 Pro…As I was perusing this post and saw you listed Sarah Palin in your top twenty annoyances I immediately made the purchase just on general principles. ;)

  7. Sarah Palin irritates a lot of middle-aged guys because she reminds them of the pretty girls who wouldn’t give them the time of day in high school.

  8. No, actually Sarah Palin irritates a lot of middle-aged guys just because she is so irritating. To think I used to like The Learning Channel but these constant ads for her self-indulgent Alaska show make me turn the channel in a heartbeat.

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