What the Upcoming Google Reader Changes Mean for FeedDemon

Yesterday Google announced some big changes to Google Reader which will impact FeedDemon (and every other application that uses the unofficial Google Reader API).

In an effort to better integrate with Google+, Reader is retiring friending, following and shared link blogs. That means the social features in FeedDemon that rely on Google Reader will eventually stop working.

They won't stop working right away, though. Google will continue to support those features in its API even after they disappear from Reader's UI. But at some point (I don't know when yet) they will cease to function, and you'll be unable to share articles in FeedDemon or follow the shared articles of other users.

Before that happens, I'll release a new version of FeedDemon that removes those features. But I won't do that until the new Reader goes live and I have a chance to test against it, which will likely take a few weeks.

I am, of course, disappointed to see those features disappear. I know a lot of FeedDemon customers will miss them, and I'll personally mourn the loss of shared articles since that's something I use every day.

6 thoughts on “What the Upcoming Google Reader Changes Mean for FeedDemon

  1. I will miss this a lot! It was so practical! I like feedDemon because it has a better interface, google reader is kinda messy. And the panic button is a very useful feature. The great amount of articles in google reader after a week without reading used to make me run from the page. And a cumulative growing of articles begun. But I feel a flaw in FeedDemon that sometimes make me nervous. The browser is heavy and delays to open the news page, and download the images. I live in Brazil, and the internet here is not so good, and better processors are just now being accessible (in cost terms). But, google chrome works fine here, and it’s light. Sometimes I have to copy the URL to chrome, but it’s boring to do this sometimes. Sorry for take advantage of your post to give an opinion about other issue.

  2. Do you have any sense of what the feasibility of using G+ as the sharing vehicle might be (assuming they open up the API further anytime soon?) since that’s where those features are being rolled into?

  3. When you fast switch from one feed to another the program usually freeze (not responding) for a while then unfreeze and continue working. It happens many times. Please, fix that too in new version!

  4. Thank you Nick! I’m trying the prerelease as you suggest. I want to notify you that this works very better but the freeze problem is still present. It’s not happening very often like before but it’s still present.

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