Glassboard 2.0: Nailing the Privacy Experience

When we released Glassboard 1.0 last year, I think we nailed the privacy aspects. We built one of the only social apps that truly respects your privacy.

We didn’t, however, nail the experience. Glassboard 1.0 wasn’t ugly, but it sure wasn’t pretty, either.

I think we nailed the experience in Glassboard 2.0, though. The new version – which we released today on Google Play and the iPhone App Store – doesn’t just look better, but it’s also easier and more fun to use. Check out the screenshots at the bottom of this post for some examples of how the new version looks.

We also answered the #1 request of our customers and built a web-based version of Glassboard (currently in beta). My favorite thing about our web app is that it enables you to share PDFs, Word documents, MP3s, Excel spreadsheets, and many other files from your desktop with your friends, family and co-workers – even if they’re using our mobile apps.

There’s a lot more I could say about the new version – like how it enables viewing a gallery of photos people have shared – but hopefully I’ve said enough to get you interested. We’re really pleased with Glassboard 2.0 and we hope you’ll give it a try.