Android Apps Shouldn’t Be Crappy Clones of iPhone Apps

I'm sure a lot of Android users have had this experience: you see your iPhone friends using some slick new app, and you wish it was available on Android. Then an Android version comes out and…

…it sucks compared to the iPhone version.

I'm not going to name names here, because some of these apps might be considered competitors to Glassboard and not even I'm that snarky (at least, not in public). But you all know what I mean.

It's like the iPhone developers finished their version of the app, and then one of them was forced at gunpoint to create the Android version.

The end result looks like an iPhone app, but it's slower. Buggier. Uglier.

It doesn't take advantage of Android's hardware buttons, nor does it use Android features like sharing and background services.

It doesn't have to be this way. Really, it's possible to create iPhone and Android versions of your apps and have them be of equal quality. Twitter did it. And I like to believe we did it.

The Android market is pretty huge, so why insult it with cheap knock-offs of iPhone apps? Treat it with some respect and it'll respect you back.