Android Developers Need to Speak Up

I was really glad to see this post from the good folks at Pocket. They're saying what I've said a couple of times: Android is far easier to develop for than the tech press leads people to believe. Android's supposed "fragmentation" problem is a myth for most developers.

I'd like to see more Android developers do as Pocket did and help lay to rest this crazy notion that developing for Android means having to purchase dozens – or even hundreds – of Android phones to test with.

If you're an Android developer, you already know most of the "fragmentation" headlines are bogus. But people who don't develop for Android may actually believe these articles and think Android apps are impossibly hard to create because there are so many different screen sizes to deal with.

Yes, there are some really annoying things you have to deal with when developing for Android, but that's true of any platform.

So if you're an Android developer, write about your experience. Tweet about it. Tell your geeky Facebook friends that creating Android apps isn't really that hard. When you see some tech site trying to drive traffic with a BS fragmentation article, post a respectful comment about how different your experience has been.