The Last Version of FeedDemon is Here, and it’s Free

Shortly after the end of Google Reader was announced, I announced that FeedDemon was also coming to an end. My plan was to release a sync-deprived final version of FeedDemon – free of charge – before Google Reader disappears on July 1.

That last, free version is now available. Here’s the download link.

All of the features of the Pro version of FeedDemon are available in this release, and ads are no longer shown in the bottom left of the screen.

As expected, this final version of FeedDemon does away with Google Reader synchronization. The first time you run it, all of your synched feeds will be converted to “local” feeds with no synching. Note that this won’t affect your actual Google Reader subscriptions – those will remain in Google Reader untouched.

Because Google Reader identifies feed posts differently, you’ll likely see duplicated posts after upgrading to the new FeedDemon. This will resolve itself over a short time.

My thanks to everyone who helped me keep FeedDemon going for so long – when I created it in 2003, I don’t think I would’ve believed it will still be around 10 years later!  It’s been truly fun working on it, and I’m sad to see it go.

PS: If you have a question about FeedDemon, rather than comment here please ask in the FeedDemon Support Group. Thanks!

48 thoughts on “The Last Version of FeedDemon is Here, and it’s Free

  1. Are you SURE you won’t change the apis to point to feedly? As a developer, I’m sure it’s not quite as simple as changing a URL, but it does seem like they’re trying to make it as easy as possible. It could be your lasting gift to us hangers-on? Or, can I remote into your dev box and do it myself ;)?

    1. ^this, please a thousand times this. I’ll insta-PayPal $10 for this.

      1. For the love of god I can’t live without feeddemon, I too have moved over to feedly and their lack of a PC client and search is horrendous. I would love to see FD add feedly support.

  2. A very sad day indeed. I’ve used FeedDemon since inception and it is an integral part of my daily flow. Many thanks for all of the great software you’ve created. I think I’ve used all of the Windows apps and loved them all. Good luck with your future endeavours.

    1. Go to “File, Manage cache”, then relocate cache folder to some place inside your dropbox/google drive/skydrive/etc. folder. Do the same for other installations of FeedDemon on other machines. That’s it. Used this system for a while; except some minor glitches it works nice.

  3. No way you could include the new feedly API, so we could keep using it and syncing it with feedly – would be fantastic!

  4. @Larry – please post that question on the forums

    It’s been a great ride, Nick! If you need a guinea pig to test anything, you know where to find me! (Even though I don’t use it as much as I probably should, I run WP on my server :) )

    1. Read the post where he made the announcements, there are loads of closed source components he’s not allowed to distribute

  5. Thanks for everything Nick.
    I’m sad knowing that my favourite program will never get any upgrades.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful programm. I was using it every day, but without syncing option this isn’t possible anymore. Although I understand your decision to stop working on it, it would be wonderful to connect FeedDemon to the Feedly Cloud. Or maybe you can give the program to someone who will do this instead. Please, hel FeedDemon keep alive for the fans.

  7. I sincerely regret that you will not release new version feeddaemon. Thank you for work.

  8. Hi Nick

    First of all, thank you for your sw, I use it every day. Second, there is a new site, that in the faq ( states that they are using a version of FD simply modified (with an hex editor) to use their service. They say that they used mainly FD during their development.

    I know that you are not supporting any new RSS service, but probably would be better if simply you leave Google sync in your app and give the user the choice to enter a different server instead of Google. Obviously without modifying anything in the API support. Or the user can choose not to use any sync. I think this should be a better option that would leave more openness for the future.

  9. Thanks heaps Nick. Looking in my file archives, it appears that I’ve been used FeedDemon since 2006. It’s been great value for very little money.

  10. I’ve been using FeedDemon Pro since the very beginning and I’m sorry to hear that you’re shutting down the project. Good luck in your new endeavors.

  11. Dear Nick,
    Greetings from India.
    This is the 1st time I am commenting on any developer’s blog.
    I have used FD from a long long time. Please don’t stop this project.
    Even if you plan to release a new version later, I am ready to purchase it.
    My friend, If Google stops something that doesn’t mean you stop your awesome product.

    If this is your final decision., I respect it but please release the code or even sell to someone who can take the legacy forward.

    FeedDemon is an addiction & I don’t know what I am gonna do without it.

  12. When I purchased a license in 2004, FeedDemon was my first experience with a real feed reader, and the experience was incredible. It was a complete deal for me, and there really was no feature I wanted from version 1.5 that it was. Having set the bar so high in FeedDemon, the decision to purchase TopStyle shortly after was an easy one. I used both these lovely applications from 2004 until 2008, and if I hadn’t switched to the Mac in 2008, I’d still be using these.

    More power to you, Nick, for the great work, which I have always loved as an end user. I wish you well for your future.

  13. Just wanted to thank you. Feed Demon is a fantastic programme.which I use daily and will continue to do so while I still have a windows machine which can run it..(It’s one of the tools which hold me back from completely migrating from windows).

    Your reasons for not carrying on and for not open sourcing the code (given in your earlier post for those who clearly haven’t read it.) are perfectly understandable. An open source equivalent really needs to start out on a cross-platfom basis in my opinion. Your decision to issue a final free version is a very handsome one. Best of luck with what you do in future.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping it going for so long. FeedDemon was always my favorite native feed reader on the platforms I use. (please don’t tell Brent…)

  15. Thank you very much for this last release … besides Firefox and later Chrome your program is the most launched on my desktop.

  16. Ten years! My, how time sure flies. Throughout those years, I’ve been a user of FeedDemon, TopStyle, and HomeSite. I’ve moved on to other tools since then, but at the time they’ve all served me well. Oh, and welcome to WordPress!

  17. Thanks Nick. Merci de la part d’un français qui suit l’aventure FeedDemon depuis ses débuts ;)

  18. It’s come a full circle. I started using feeddemon when it was free and there was no google reader, now I may start using it again because it’s free and there is no google reader.

  19. Hope you realise that the commercial model you chose for the software was terrible for the users, for the software itself, and for you also. You can still make it open source.

  20. FeedDemon is a fabulous RSS solution for windows desktop users, thansk for your support and contribution.

    But, it’s age of synchronization and getting align with others, i will ask you as a client to support (feedly, Digg reader, even AOL)


  21. Please, no no no no no no end the project. It is the best RSS reader by my site. I use it each day and I can’t imagine the day without FD. Please will be anyone that take the code and will continue?
    The sync with other RSS web will be good.

  22. Users need a decentralised pinging solution that hopefully the open source community will rise up to fulfil. Personally I’d like to use greasemonkey inside feeddemon, which can happen if you release the source.

  23. Thanks much! You certainly made a difference with your software!!
    Cheers from Brazil

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