My Trusty FeedDemon Bag

feeddemon-bagYears ago, when FeedDemon was thriving, I had a canvas FeedDemon bag created for me by CafePress.

I figured it was a novelty, like having a t-shirt made from a picture of your kids when they’re young that you stop wearing once they outgrow the diaper stage.

But instead this bag has remained my trusty companion and shows no signs of getting old. It has outlived FeedDemon itself.

I’ve taken it everywhere, but I don’t think I’ve ever been asked about it. Probably for good reason: who wants to ask an obvious geek about their bag when it has a demonic logo on it?

It has been on every vacation with me, carrying sunscreen, towels, and books to the beach. I’ve taken it on business trips to hold my electronics. It has come with me to the grocery store to carry home ice cream, veggies, and beer. Now it goes to the gym with me to hold my headphones, towel, water, and post-workout snack.

It has survived storms, car wrecks, and even plane crashes. This is the Samuel L. Jackson of bags, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasts longer than I do.



3 thoughts on “My Trusty FeedDemon Bag

  1. At least for me, FeedDemon has kept going too. I use it every day. Thanks Nick!

  2. Nick, I’m a FeedDemon / Google News orphan. I still can’t get over it.

  3. While you have a treasured canvas, you left us with a much greater gift, FeedDemon. It lives on and is far from dead. There are many of us that use it every day and we treasure it. So the race is still on as to who outlasts whom. I love FeedDemon.

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