Goodbye Blue Sky

My parents grew up in England during World War II. They used to tell me about the air raid sirens that sounded at night alerting them to seek shelter, quickly.

I often asked them about this, thinking they must still be haunted by the thought of bombs dropping on them as they slept.

But they said it was normal to them. It was all they ever knew.

That has always stuck with me.

It makes me wonder how many things we accept simply because we’ve never known any different.

One thought on “Goodbye Blue Sky

  1. Yeah, it’s like going vegan: all your life you’ve been told to eat meat to get proteins and strong muscles, and fish to get omega 3 and a working brain, and to drink milk to get calcium and strong bones, that’s all you’ve ever known, how not to believe it ? But sometimes there is a glitch in the matrix and someone proposes you to choose between the blue pill and the red pill…

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