Frank Zappa: Ten Years Ago

This BlogCritics post just reminded me that Frank Zappa passed away ten years ago. Zappa was a unique curmudgeon, and I miss his brilliant mix of high-falutin’ music and low-brow humor.

I first heard Zappa’s music while in college, and it was a welcome change from the unimaginative spew that filled the airwaves. Oddly enough, Zappa was an inspiration for me when I chose to start my one-person software company – I figured if he could distribute his music without a major label, then surely I could sell software without joining the ranks of the cubicle dwellers.

3 thoughts on “Frank Zappa: Ten Years Ago

  1. Blimey it does not seem like 10 years. I too am a Frank Zappa fan he was
    a musical genius as a musician, composer, producer etc. His arrangements
    influenced so much of what followed in all sorts of music and recording
    techniques. “Uncle Meat” was my favorite album what he was doing back in
    the late sixties on this album with nothing like the electronics we have
    today is breathtaking. Another amazing one is “The best band you never
    heard” this was FZ’s favorite incarnation of his many touring bands the
    virtuosity in these live performances is stunning, complex time changes
    and all. Nice to hear this inspired your decision Nick because we have all
    benefited so much from your “One-Person-Software-Company”.

  2. ;-) One of my best friends in college was a Zappa fan. Had all of this records that he could find and would make me drive him to out-of-the-way used record shops looking for more… Z was certainly always an interesting musician and person. I’d have loved to have seen his appearance before congress.

  3. Wow, it’s been ten years. I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, ect.
    Well, Frank was a genius, period! I loved his music and thank God he recorded a lot of it! Although I never had the pleasure of seeing Frank live. I have had the opportunity of seeing his fellow band mates play and meeting such greats as Steve Vai and Mike Keneally, who once wowed Frank in his bands. It’s great that he had such an impact on them and they continue to keep a part of him alive in their music.
    God bless the Zappa Family.
    Remember Frank!
    “…music is the best!”

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