Running again

Long-time visitors to my newsgroups may recall that I injured myself (stress fracture) while running last year, and I never really got back to it even after I recovered.

So, I’m happy to report that I recently joined a local running group, and I plan to run a half-marathon in April. I’m tempted to do the full marathon, but I figure I should start with a more reasonable (and less injury-prone) goal.

I also ran a 5K on Thanksgiving day just to see how I’d do, and ended up placing 6th in my age group with a time of 23:48 (a 7:38 pace). Not exactly record-setting, but I figure it’s not too shabby for a former fat guy :)

3 thoughts on “Running again

  1. Run the half marathon, and if you feel well, just keep going :). Worked for a friend o’ mine. Congrats and good luck!

  2. ich Liebe dich so sehr mein schatz komm doch zu mir denn ich liebe Dir so sehr drum bin ich ther.

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