Microsoft begins to care about the browser wars, again

As reported by Ars Technica, and numerous other sources, Microsoft has appointed Dave Massey as a technical evangelist for Internet Explorer.

Windows XP Sp2 features improvements to IE (such as popup blocking), but this news suggests that more improvements are in the works. My hope (and the hope of countless other web developers) is that these improvements will include more standards-compliant CSS2 support, correct MIME handling and the ability to display alpha PNGs. Oh, and tabbed browsing would also be nice. Hmmm…sounds like I just described Firefox and Opera :)

2 thoughts on “Microsoft begins to care about the browser wars, again

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    A number of tech news sources are beginning to report that Microsoft has appointed a new technical evangelist for its Internet Explorer web browser. As you may or may not know, Service Pack 2 for Windows XP will be including…

  2. Listener?

    Nick Bradbury reports that Microsoft is beginning to care about the browser wars, again. Well, maybe. When the code hits the street, I’ll believe. I’ve seen too many friends ride over the cliff with some of Microsoft’s flashes in the…

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