Speaking at Gnomedex

When I attended Gnomedex last year, I have to confess that I went with muted expectations. As it turned out, though, I had a great time, and rank it among the best conferences I’ve visited.

This year, not only am I attending the conference but I’m scheduled to speak on one of the panels. Along with blogging gurus Robert Scoble, Henry Copeland and Ross Rader, I’ll be discussing how to maximize your blogging strategies. I’m glad I have a couple of months to figure out what to say, because I’m not an experienced public speaker :)

Among the other confirmed speakers are Steve Wozniak, Wil Wheaton and Dan Gillmor.

The conference isn’t until September 30 so I’ll talk more about it closer to the time, but if you want to attend I recommend registering now. Unlike last year’s Iowa-based Gnomedex, this year it’s being held in Lake Tahoe – so I expect even more people to be there.

One thought on “Speaking at Gnomedex

  1. Remember in any normal speech, that you have to do the following:
    Tell them what you’re going to tell them
    Tell them
    Tell them what you told them
    The average person remembers 33% of what they hear, so this allows you to plant some good seeds.
    I hope it goes well!

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