SitePoint on TopStyle

SitePoint has some very kind words for TopStyle today. TopStyle LITE gets most of the attention since the article is about free Windows web design tools, but they also give kudos to TopStyle PRO:

“TopStyle Pro is the complete package, capable of high-level editing on much more than just CSS. At around $US80, it represents real value for anyone who spends a significant part of their day working with CSS. The browser profiles alone are worth the entry price.”

5 thoughts on “SitePoint on TopStyle

  1. Now if we could only get you to either make a Mac version yourself or hire someone to do it, the world would be a better place. ;)

  2. That is precisely why the “lite” version should linger on. I know the topic has come/gone but without the lite version TS wouldn’t have been mentioned in something for /free/. But as also mentioned, instead of making it look like it is a separate version, give it the same look as pro, only show the disabled features. Let them know what they are missing in not investing in the “Pro” version..

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