Use Second Copy 2000 to backup and sync FeedDemon’s cache

The other day I noticed a few forum members talking about tools they use to backup FeedDemon’s cache and synchronize it between systems, so I wanted to make a recommendation of my own.

Second Copy 2000 is the tool I use to backup my data, and it works great for backing up FeedDemon’s cache. And if you’re using a USB keydrive to synchronize FeedDemon’s cache between computers, Second Copy 2000 can certainly make your life easier. Just tell it to copy the cache to your USB drive every 30 minutes, and it will work silently in the background – without slowing down FeedDemon.

I talked with Suda Pethe, Second Copy’s creator, at this year’s Shareware Industry Conference, and he agreed to offer FeedDemon customers a 25% discount. This discount expires on September 1, 2004, and is only available when ordering through this link.