Just got an email from Albert Wiersch letting me know that he’s released a free LITE version of his excellent CSE HTML Validator.

This new LITE version works great inside TopStyle, enabling you to validate the current HTML document with a single click. Of course, if you’re serious about finding errors, I recommend using the PRO version of CSE, since it includes more advanced features such as accessibility checking when used inside TopStyle.

4 thoughts on “CSE HTML Validator LITE

  1. didn’t they always have a free/lite version of CSE? I used it at one point, then shelled out for the pro… I wonder what’s different about this lite version.

  2. I used the earlier versions of the CSE Validator Pro, but became disenchanted when it became a fully-blown (x)HTML editor, and hugely bloated. Hopefully this will be better.

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