7 thoughts on “Dexter Cartoon for August 13, 2004

  1. excellent! that’s certainly my philosophy on ties… luckily I seldom have to wear one of the cursed things … ;-)

  2. I don’t get it?
    although I don’t wear ties. Only for formal occasions. Then again in the past 20yrs of my life, I’ve never actually been to a formal occasion.
    *slightly embarrased*

  3. Here in the US, a number of jobs require wearing a tie, and I never could understand the attraction of something so ugly and uncomfortable. So, the cartoon is simply poking fun at this by wondering what the purpose of a tie is.

  4. I love your comics so far. I keep telling people that developers are creative people, and you are proof. Thanks for sharing.
    I started using HomeSite when it was version 1.2 and still using it today (well Macromedia’s latest version). And recommended to my boss to buy us TopStyle Pro.

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