FeedForAll Beta

Recently several FeedDemon customers have asked for recommendations for RSS authoring tools, so I thought I’d plug the one from my friends at NotePage, Inc. FeedForAll is a new RSS feed creation, editing and publishing tool which is currently in beta, and they’re offering a discount on the final release to beta testers. If you’re looking for such a tool, give FeedForAll a try.

2 thoughts on “FeedForAll Beta

  1. Thanks for the FeedForAll link. I’ll download it and check it out. Another product (also in beta) is RocketPost (www.anconia.com/rocketpost). I’ve been testing this one for a couple of weeks and so far like what see.

  2. Hey man – hope you had a great holiday -hope ur wife enjoyed it after her hip (i think) operation or something you said a little while go! :)
    That app is awesome! finally something that will help me understand RSS feeds more. :D
    Thanks Nick!!

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