My business doesn’t need me

Several years ago I returned from a brief vacation to discover that sales of my software increased while I was gone. The following year I returned from another vacation and discovered the same thing. Sales went up while I was away. I joked with my wife that I was bad for sales, and she said I should take more vacations.

Strange thing is, this has now happened every time I’ve gone away. For example, I took last week off, and sales went up – way up, in fact. Then they settled back down when I came home.

If I ever take a month off, I’ll be rich.

10 thoughts on “My business doesn’t need me

  1. Strange, I had exactly the same experience. I used to make jokes that my business does not like when I look after it.

  2. Well sounds like your doing it tough! hehehe
    Its probably a really good sign that:
    a) Your generating a passive income (sounds like it anyway)
    b) You are able to go for a holiday and your business can survive? not many business owners can say / do that without having an interrupted holiday – which is a good sign of a healthy business no?

  3. Nick,
    You are definetely not alone. My best friends has exactly the same conundrum. Every time he goes on holiday (a couple of times a year) sales increase. It’s been happening every year for the past four years. It’s so regular that he now integrates his holidays into his sales planning :-)
    Secretly I know it depresses him!!!!

  4. Nick, It must have been your software Gnomes working overtime, while you were away.
    Hope that you had a great time on your vacation.

  5. Not exactly on topic (but perhaps related) is that one of the reasons I respect you as a business man is because you are always up front and honest about things. You don’t take a week off and then make up an excuse, etc. I have seen other one person companies do this and it is annoying. I know they are on holiday so why do they bother lying about it? Everyone needs a holiday and providing you don’t go every other week it should never be a problem.

  6. Morgan this blog is about Nick, Topstyle, FeedDemon, Bradsoft, anything Nick wants it to be – he posted it.
    And he doesnt have to make up excuses, He can go away on holiday, it’s not like he’s going to get fired??? The only boss he has is his wife but then again thats another area of his life.
    He doesn’t need to make up excuses to go – hell this blog post is about his sales raising whiles he’s away.
    He told us, previously he was taking a wk off,
    And from memory, Nick mentions hes a very dedicated worker. Hell he has less holiday time than i do.

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