Email Backlog

First, a confession: I lied in this post when I said that I’d be slower than usual to respond to email this week because I’d be running around in the backyard with my kids. We actually spent the week visiting my parents near Washington, DC, but I didn’t think it wise to advertise the fact that my house would be unoccupied.

I thought connectivity wouldn’t be an issue, but it turned out that I was unable to access the net from my parent’s place. I was able to find connectivity at various places around DC which enabled me to answer the most pressing customer emails, but I’ve still got a ton of email to catch up with. If you’re waiting to hear from me, I ask for your patience – I’m back home now, so you should receive a reply soon.

2 thoughts on “Email Backlog

  1. I was in DC the end of last week too. Crazy amounts of people and cars. Nice things to see, but I think I’ll go back when there’s less of a crowd.

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