Dexter Cartoon for April 8, 2005: “Sue Yourself”

This week’s “Dexter” is a six-part series I created in the strip’s early days, when the title character always wore sunglasses. I was going to post these as separate cartoons over the next six weeks, but for the sake of continuity I’m posting all six parts at the same time.

Click here to read all six strips.

4 thoughts on “Dexter Cartoon for April 8, 2005: “Sue Yourself”

  1. Wow that was quite dark there in the middle! I never thought I would see Dexter battling existential angst. :)

  2. This cartoon is fucking FREE?! I’m gonna hack the shit outta this cartoon, get the code and spread it all over the internet like i shoulda done to bill gates 15 years ago! etc..!
    Sorry, I just read some of your old stuff starting with banana ohine and came accross that letter you got and shat myself. Thanks for the aformentioned and giggles ;)

  3. yeah that shoulda been banana phone. ps have you seen the one w/ banana phone where the guy is schitzo w/ this song in his head on ebaum? good times

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