MSN Spaces Supports Feed URI Scheme

Dare Obasanjo reports that MSN Spaces now supports “one-click subscription” via the feed URI scheme (aka: “feed:// protocol”). According to Mike Torres:

“Clicking on the orange RSS button or the “Syndicate” link above will no longer spit out raw XML to your readers using a modern browser. Instead, they will see a “pretty printed” RSS feed with a link to learn more, subscribe in My MSN, or subscribe in an aggregator supporting one-click subscription (feed://).”

In other words, readers of any of the 4.5 million MSN Spaces blogs can now simply click a feed link to subscribe to the feed in FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, NewsGator, Shrook, RSS Bandit, NewzCrawler, Sharpreader or any other RSS reader which support the feed URI scheme. Very nice!