I’ve been in Denver most of this week, and like much of the world, when I wasn’t working I was glued to the incoming stream of news about Hurricane Katrina and its awful aftermath. Lately I’ve been stressing about my pending surgery, but now I’m aware of how small my problems are in contrast to the problems borne by the survivors of this disaster.

In the past I’ve donated sales of my software to relief agencies, and I’m pleased to see that NewsGator is continuing this practice. I’m also donating my next paycheck to disaster relief, but that’s a small sacrifice in comparison to the deeds of NewsGator’s Anita Taylor, who is heading to Houston for five days of volunteer work.

BTW, if you’ve been trying to make a donation to the American Red Cross and have found their site very slow to access, you can always make a donation through Amazon.com, or simply mail the check to:

American Red Cross
Hurricane 2005 Relief
PO Box 37243
Washington, DC 20013

And if you’re looking to give to an agency other than the Red Cross, there are plenty to choose from.

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