New Betas of FeedDemon, FeedStation and TopStyle (whew!)

I’m obviously a slave to caffeine, because I’ve just released betas of FeedDemon, FeedStation and TopStyle.

If you’re not already using beta versions of these programs, there’s really no reason to start now – just stick with the current version until the final releases are available. But if you’re an existing beta tester, you’ll want to download these updates:

So why the sudden flurry of betas? Well, next Tuesday I undergo surgery for an acoustic neuroma, and my recovery may take several weeks, during which time I’m not going to be coding. Given this, we felt it best to get the existing fixes out now rather than expect you to wait for them.

Although I’ll be out for a while, keep in mind that I’m far from the only one at NewsGator focused on FeedDemon and TopStyle, so feedback about these betas is still important. So if you run into a bug, please let us know by posting details in the appropriate beta forum.

7 thoughts on “New Betas of FeedDemon, FeedStation and TopStyle (whew!)

  1. Hi Nick. I’m a spanish proud TopStyle user. I just want to wish you good luck with the surgery, a quick recovery and please, during your vacation think about the possibility to release a Mac version of TopStyle. Many people, i included, will thank you.

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