What was I thinking?

So, last night I went to a Sevendust concert, and for the first time in almost two decades I got into a mosh pit. Let’s just say that today my aching 38-year-old self is very aware of the reasons why moshing is done by a younger crowd…

11 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. LOL. Its probably not a good sign, but at 28 I’m not even considering moshing. That’s just trouble waiting to happen for me. Though my chiropractor has nothing but good things to say about mosh pits being productive for her business :)

  2. How was it? *Love* Sevendust and hoping to get to see them again soon.
    Other than the injuries, of course.

  3. Well, you’ve got me beat. My last mosh pit was when I was in my late twenties. I saw Sevendust in the late nineties(Clutch opened). I can relate to your concert posts. I used to go to concerts all the time, several a year since I got my drivers license but have slowed down in my mid thirties. I’m very much looking forward to taking my son to a concert, although at six weeks old I’ll need to wait quite some time. Anyway, keep going. I’m inspired by others in my age bracket.

  4. Heh… it’s been some years, and I’m quite sure it will not come again. But it was fun. I remember I only dared to get in after trading in my glasses for contact lenses at age 17.
    I have to say I learned a new English word today though, I’ve only known this as pogoing.

  5. [Sarcasm] BonJovi has one mean mosh pit as well. Ever seen them in concert, Nick? [/Sarcasm] :)

  6. LOL, At 29 I often feel like I’m way too old too… but nothing washes away weeks of built-up client and deadline stress like two hours sweating like a pig, slamming into your fellow fans, being crushed and fighting your way back up again for air. Rock on Nick!

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