Going Mobile

Just wanted to extend a warm welcome to Kevin Cawley, creator of SmartRead and SmartFeed for Windows Mobile. Kevin’s products have been acquired by NewsGator and he’s officially one of us now :)

As Greg Reinacker points out in his blog post about the acqusition, this further extends our synchronization platform, which already enables synchronization between:

  • FeedDemon
  • NetNewsWire
  • NewsGator Outlook Edition
  • NewsGator Online

Not too shabby, if you ask me!

3 thoughts on “Going Mobile

  1. Well, now that I know Newsgator is going the mobile route in software, i’m soooo going to bug them for a PalmOS client. WinMo sucks :)

  2. Thanks for the welcome Nick and psyched to be on the team… Gabe, we are also rolling out a J2ME application that should do you Palm justice.

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