Last week we released FeedDemon build, which was soon followed by build in order to fix these bugs reported in

  • Watches with auto-purge disabled are reset to auto-purge at 200 items during the upgrade process
  • Auto-discovery fails with URLs which have query strings that contain feed URLs

I decided not to make an announcement about .23 since it came so quickly after .22, but apparently that was a bad decision as a number of FeedDemon customers were confused by the upgrade. So, just to clear things up: yes, the latest build is – and I’ll make sure to announce new builds in the future.

Download FeedDemon (3.14MB)

3 thoughts on “FeedDemon

  1. Hey Nick,
    It wasn’t so much the new version without an announcement caused confusion it was
    1. that a new version came so quickly without a change log (that I could find anyway ;) and
    2. The download was still .22 (however I think this is a problem with my ISPs transparent proxy)
    An announcement can’t hurt in the future though :)

  2. You’re right, of course – I made a number of mistakes with the .23 release, including not separating the .23 changes in the release notes. Live and learn :)

  3. FeedDemon Update

    It would seem from both the comments on the blog post and the prompt reply on email that the update of FeedDemon to was indeed legit!
    It is apparent that the silence from the usually vocal development team confused more people than myself, so …

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