NSA Demon

This morning one of my FeedDemon watches turned up this WashingtonPost.com article about the NSA’s harvesting of phone records. My watch was for the keyword “FeedDemon” so I was surprised to see this article turn up – and I was even more surprised to see that the article listed FeedDemon among the software tools used by the NSA.

Based on the subject of the article, I initially assumed that the software listed was all used for the illegal collection of phone records, but a closer read showed that the list was simply of software that was used by the NSA for any reason (whew!).

6 thoughts on “NSA Demon

  1. I’m sure the NSA looks at “Microsoft Gold Partner” and the heavy use of Internet Explorer by FeedDemon and feels at home.
    I find it completely disingenuous for anyone associated with NewsGator and their various products to put forth concerns about the NSA/spyware/etc. With the heavy emphasis on controlling and centralizing the user’s information flow onto NewsGator servers, it is incredibly obvious that NewsGator Corp is not up to anything good. Their products are likely all spyware with usage information and raw data streams sold to the government.

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