Link Dump: June 12, 2006

4 thoughts on “Link Dump: June 12, 2006

  1. Ok,
    What’s the secret to see the Feed Icon for comments when reading? I am using the Surfer style and looking at the newspaper and message views.
    Also, when are the doc’s going to be updated to match the software?

  2. I reported a bug today with the RSS comments – it turns out that they don’t appear in synched feeds (it looks like NGO strips that information out, whoops!)
    Glad to see Opera is finally getting more recognition, I’ve been using it for years and just can’t stand the IE-isms that Firefox has by comparison.

  3. Hi Nick, thanks for noting my article on Smart Browser! I’d love to chat with you and get feedback on some things that we are doing @ adaptiveblue. If you have time and interested, drop me a note:

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