George Carlin is Up in Heaven Now

Damn.  Last year we lost Kurt Vonnegut, and now we’ve lost George Carlin.  Two darkly hilarious guys who despite their cynicism still made us (or, at least, me) laugh out loud at the human condition.

I never subscribed to the growing bitterness that Carlin showed as he aged (I agree with Terry Heaton that his best work was earlier in his career), but I still loved his insightful, biting humor.  You can count me among those who will miss the dirty old bastard.

PS: Check out Mashable’s video obituary for a smattering of Carlin’s humor.

Users on Crack

Our support team just received an email from a FeedDemon user which contained a screenshot of an error he was encountering. Clearly visible in the screenshot is a RAR file which contains a crack for FeedDemon.

Yep. Not only did he contact us despite using a pirated version, but he also included a screenshot which proves he’s using a crack!


Update: Scott Adams has a great post on the topic of piracy.

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