We’re Looking for a Denver Delphi Contractor

If you live in the Denver area and have the chops to build great Delphi applications, perhaps you’d like to come work with us?

As you can see from the job description, we’re looking for an experienced Delphi contractor with proven UI skills to help take over TopStyle’s development. We need someone who is committed enough to take charge of getting a major new version out the door (something I’ve been unable to handle due to FeedDemon’s popularity). This job may expand so that you’d also help out with FeedDemon.

We’re a great company, we’ve got a great team, and as my previous post illustrates, we have a lot of fun. If you’re up to the task, we want to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “We’re Looking for a Denver Delphi Contractor

  1. NewsGator is looking for a Delphi developer to work on TopStyle

    Rumors of TopStyles death have been greatly exaggerated.
    As Nick reports, NewsGator is looking for an experienced Delphi programmer to pick up the reins on TopStyle development, and probably kick in some assistance on FeedDemon.
    This is a gre…

  2. If I lived in the US and wasn’t already happy with my job (they don’t pay for concerts, but we do have that sort of fun atmosphere) – I’d probably apply even though I haven’t used delphi since v4. Sounds like a fun position, and who could pass up the opportunity to work with Nick ;)

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