2 thoughts on “Link Dump: September 15, 2006

  1. Greets – I missed your “frenzy” post first time ’round (There was a big moving day end of June; I was prolly packing.”
    Your “the goal here isn’t to complete a feature quickly (although that’s often a side effect), but instead to discover the gotchas up-front so you can design the feature correctly.” I think qualifies you as a venerable aulde dawg.
    A long long time ago I read a book by Arno Penzias (Nobel laureate and head of R&D for AT&T; not bad!) IIRC he wrote about “setting up to fail” … rather than investing heavily and getting all ego-bound, set up something like a proof of concept, run it resource poor, and see just how it dies.
    Good on you!

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