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Hannah Bradbury Looking at my archives, I realize that I’ve written about my son Isaac more often than I’ve blogged about my incredible daughter Hannah. Hannah, I know you’ll read my archives when you’re older, so please understand that this isn’t due to lack of love – dads just tend to be protective of their little girls, that’s all (well, that and I have a bad habit of getting into life-threatening situations with Isaac, which make great blogging material).

It would be hard to describe Hannah here, since you have to see her in action to really know how special she is. She is incredibly full of life, a bundle of manic, comic energy that whirls around our house like the world’s most beautiful tornado. You can already tell that she’ll become a heartbreakingly pretty woman, but it’s her brain that will get her places. She has the kind of mind that can make the most obscure connections, and that to me is a sign of a budding creative genius.

Before Hannah began school this year, we told her teacher that she might start out shy, but eventually she would rule the classroom. I’m not sure her teacher believed us then, but she does now – Hannah can be shy when she first meets people, but given time, she always end up in charge.

So Hannah, this post is dedicated to you. You’re only six, yet you’ve already given me enough love and laughter to last a lifetime. Part of me wants to keep you at this age forever, but the rest of me can’t wait to see you blossom.

6 thoughts on “My Hannah

  1. A lovely, lovely post, Nick. I have a 6-year-old Hannah too (as well as a 6-year-old Lauren) and I can identify with your last sentence completely. I love that blend of childlike and surprisingly grown up that you get at that age.
    I blog about both girls here if you’re interested: :-)

  2. Thanks, Mark. You’ve got a great blog – your love for your daughters comes through in every post. And that video you shot while spinning around is great!
    Peter, believe it or not, that crazy bird is still here. He doesn’t seem to care about my new car, but he still bashes himself against our windows on a daily basis.

  3. As a close friend (& relative) of Hannah’s, I can personally attest to the “shy at first then take charge” part of her personality. For what seemed like the first 4 1/2 years of her life, she basically ignored me (& all my pestering ways). Now she has warmed up to me and pretty much keeps me in line when I’m around her. LOL. Pretty good for a 6 yr old. :)

  4. I wandered in here looking for Homesite info (I recently started a new job where I use Windows exclusively (I’ve used Macs at home and work for the last 5 years), and was reintroduced to Homesite…I’d forgotten how much I love it, and was looking to see if it might be ported to OS X and stumbled in…), and got to reading. I have a nine year old daughter, and like yours, she’s a beautiful tornado. Thanks for sharing…I think all dads have a special place in their hearts for their daughters.

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