RSS = Really Simple Syndication

OK, time for a geek rant.

I’ve seen too many articles about RSS that define it as “Really Simple Syndication” and “Rich Site Summary” and “RDF Site Summary.” As best I can tell, the authors of these articles feel the need to define RSS multiple ways to avoid getting flamed by advocates of a particular feed format.

Look, I’m aware of the tortured history of feed formats, but how on earth does it help any of us if the press can’t even use a single definition of RSS? That’s insane.

Regardless of which RSS format is your favorite, I’m pretty sure you’ll concur that RSS 2.0 is the most widely used version. RSS 2.0 is defined as “Really Simple Syndication,” and that’s a much friendlier definition for non geeks to deal with.

So let’s get rid of every other definition of RSS. RSS = Really Simple Syndication, Q.E.D.

3 thoughts on “RSS = Really Simple Syndication

  1. I cringed last week at a Microsoft training event where the presenter talked about how Vista could manage all your RSS feeds, even if they were Atom!

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