Rush for the Kids

Some readers know that I’m a Rush fan, so much so that I even took my five-year-old son to see them a few years back. They’re one of the few rock bands I enjoy that I can share with my kids, and I’ve been waiting for them to tour again so I could take my entire family to see them.

So when I found out that they were touring this summer, I grabbed tickets for the four of us. This will be my daughter’s first real rock concert, and knowing her, she’s going to love it (she already loves YYZ).

And get this: earlier today I found out that I won the “Rush Snakes and Arrows Meet and Greet Contest” – which means that my kids will meet the band before the show.

14 thoughts on “Rush for the Kids

  1. SWEET! Rush rocks! Neil Peart rocks (fellow motorcyclist!)
    After I read Ghost Rider I was worried that he’d never tour again… I gotta pick up Road Show next. He’s a great writer (and a decent drummer as well)
    Have fun at the show – I’m jealous! :)

  2. Yes, I am officially jealous now :).
    Which show are you going to? I didn’t see a Nashville stop – the closest I see are St. Loius or maybe Atlanta

  3. Holy crap, you lucky monkey. If you happen to find a sudden need to adopt another kid temporarily before the show, let me know. I can act half my age when pressed.

  4. @critter: We’re seeing them in Atlanta. The drive’s longer than I would like (over 4 hours), but I think it’s worth it :) Annoying thing is that Rush was supposed to open at the Starwood Amphitheatre here in Nashville, but they changed their plans after Starwood was sold a few months ago.

  5. I’m officially enough of a moron that when I read the post headline, I thought you were talking about taking them to see Rush Limbaugh or he’d come out with a kids book or something.
    In any case, crisis averted.

  6. You rock :) Thank you for pointing out this tour or I’d have completely missed it. A bigger bonus for me is they are stopping near Seattle in July :)

  7. BTW, in case you didn’t know, Guitar Hero II has YYZ as an unlockable song… both for lead guitar and bass. (And even with just five buttons and one “string” I still can’t play the freakin song!)

  8. Hey Nick, found about your site from Ed’s Rushisaband site. I am definitely jealous, I would give probably give a kidney to meet those guys ;0
    I am sure your kids will love it, I hope they appreciate the significance. I wanted to go to the Atlanta show but could not due to work obligations, so I am going to the Charlotte show on the 18th. It will be about an 8 hour drive back for me the next day on Tuesday, so in a way I feel no sympathy for your 4 hour drive, especially not since you get to meet them!!!
    Although, I won’t have any kids in my car though, just me and my Rush cds!

  9. You lucky, lucky BASTARD! :)
    Note that you’ll probably just meet Geddy and Alex – Neil usually doesn’t do the meet-and-greets (unless he’s changed his mind about that on this tour)…
    Make sure you post a picture!

  10. Man, that’s awesome! Geddy Lee was the whole reason I started playing bass decades ago. Beyond the pure musical prowess they exhibit, they are really one of the few enduring class acts out there that just don’t seem to let up.
    I’m in the St. Louis area and it looks like everything’s sold out here except the lawn seats. :(

  11. Sisters of Mercy is cool too… but this sounds interesting too. How old this is the band? My brother or dad never talked about it :+

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