ANN: FeedDemon 2.5 is Here

After months of coding and testing, FeedDemon 2.5 is finally here.  As you can see from the release notes, this is a significant update – it really should be called FeedDemon 3.0.

I’ll be blogging about what’s new over the next few days, so for now, just go get it. Simply install it directly on top of v2.x, and all of your existing settings will be retained.

One thought on “ANN: FeedDemon 2.5 is Here

  1. FeedDemon 2.5 is here!

    Congratulations Nick for getting the latest version of FeedDemon finished. I love the product and would not use any other RSS news reader. Nick Bradbury One feature I would love to see though is the ability to flag a bunch…

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