FeedDemon 2.5: Share Your Links (Link Blogging with FeedDemon)

Watch a screencast about FeedDemon 2.5’s shared news bins

FeedDemon’s news bins provide a handy way to save your favorite blog posts and links. When I find an interesting article that I might want to refer to again, I store it in a news bin for future reference.

In the past, news bins have been limited by the fact that they’re only available on your desktop, but FeedDemon 2.5 makes it possible to share a news bin as an RSS feed. Just drag-and-drop a link into a shared news bin, and everyone subscribed to your news bin’s RSS feed will get it.

For example, my link blog feed is actually generated from a FeedDemon 2.5 shared news bin. If I read a post that I think will interest my subscribers, I simply add it to a shared news bin. It’s like my own version of Robert Scoble’s link blog feed (except that with FeedDemon 2.5, I can create more than one link blog).

A number of FeedDemon 2.5 beta testers have created shared news bins which you can subscribe to:

If you’d like easily share your favorite links, then give FeedDemon 2.5 a try.

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  1. Wow! that’s pretty powerful stuff, I use FeedDemon for a long time now I guess I need to learn about it’s more powerful features.

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