FeedDemon 2.5: Popular Topics (Mine and Yours)

Watch a screencast about FeedDemon 2.5’s Popular Topics

One of my favorite things about FeedDemon is that it’s a hybrid reader which combines the power of a desktop application with the data mobility of a web-based one. This also means that FeedDemon isn’t limited to showing only desktop-based data – it can also show aggregated data from NewsGator Online.

FeedDemon 2.5 takes advantage of this in several ways.  The popular topics report (“personal memetracker”) from the previous version has been completely re-written, and now includes the most popular articles in everyone’s subscriptions.  So you can view what’s popular within your feeds alongside what’s popular among all NewsGator Online subscribers.

You can also find out who’s talking about a specific article with the new “Who’s linking here” feature.  A simple click shows you who’s linking to a post, with a separation between links inside your subscriptions and links in everyone’s subscriptions.

This feature is especially handy within the popular topics report, because it enables seeing who else is linking to the most popular articles in the feeds you read (a great way to find interesting new sites).

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  1. Oh Nick, now that I am on a Mac, I really miss FeedDemon. Great new features like this and I get nothing. Aaarrrggghhh!

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