5 thoughts on “FeedDemon 2.5 Podcast

  1. Nick, did you use skype or some other connection for recording? The fidelity doesn’t seem too high and made it tough to understand a few small parts (granted that context can fill in the blanks)?
    Also, and maybe you can’t answer this, do you have any intention of creating a Mac version of FeedDemon? I know that’s a hole you probably don’t want to go down, but the other Newsgator offering for the Mac doesn’t impress me as much as FeedDemon.
    Glad to have FeedDemon to run in Parallels, though!

  2. Hi Randy, thanks for your comment. I am aware of the fidelity issues in that podcast. I learned a lot doing that one, and I’m hoping these clarity issues will disappear on the next one. thanks again, Leland
    Leland Rucker
    Content Manager
    NewsGator Technologies

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