Hulk Foot

The other day I was having a great run through my neighborhood – I got into “the zone” right away and stayed there.  Unfortunately, I zoned out so much that I didn’t notice a chunk of rock in the road until I stepped on it, causing my foot to twist so hard that the outside of my ankle hit the road.

By the time I limped home, my ankle had swollen up like a gluttonous tick, and my foot had become a rainbow of zombie-like green and purple shades.  Upon seeing my colorful new injury, my kids named me “Hulk Foot.”

I had it examined the next day, and the doctor kept saying “uh-oh” as he pressed various places on my ankle.  Here’s a note to any physician reading this post: don’t ever say “uh-oh” when you’re examining someone.  Doing so makes the patient sweat more than necessary.

Anyway, long story short, I have a high ankle sprain, which apparently is much worse that a “normal” sprain.  Looks like I won’t be running for several weeks!

10 thoughts on “Hulk Foot

  1. When I had a vasectomy some twenty years ago, the actual surgery was done by a surgical resident (under direction, of course). When one of the clamps slipped, he said, “Ooops!” under his breath. I was able to laugh a bit and told him, “Don’t EVER say Oops!” Still makes me smile to remember it …

  2. Nick,
    I hope this passes quickly. I also run fairly regularly and have enough trouble getting out and finding time without injury. Try and do something to keep that heart in shape.
    Good luck.

  3. I did something like that when I was 5 years old, the bad thing was that now my ankle is very weak, and I can reinjure it without much work. I’ve had to cut back on the hiking, and stuff like that. On the bright side, if I’m careful, (I now use hiking poles), you won’t reinjure it. Also, the new injuries are painful, but they don’t swell up or turn pretty colors like the orignal.
    Best of luck man.

  4. Hmmmmm….. I’m thinking new TopStyle feature: Skins. Default skin, “Hulk-Foot”…. Whadda think? The kids will love it and the CSI fans will be mighty pleased. Too late for 3.5? :)

  5. Nick – an ankle injury sounds like a good excuse to get a laptop, if you don’t have one already.
    Did you get a picture of the Hulk foot?

  6. @Bozo: any chance you sing falsetto now?
    @Jeff: nice picture of your toe :)
    @Keith: Nope, I didn’t take a picture – if I took a picture of every injury I get, I’d run out of hard drive space.
    @IgwanaRob: holy crap that’s a big hornet! And you gotta love that it’s sting contains a chemical “which has an odor that attracts more hornets to the victim.”

  7. I had the same injury about 3 months ago, slipped on a kerb whilst out walking for lunch…very painful, so you have my full sympathy. On the plus side, being injured made me realise just how unfit I was, so it inspired me to start losing weight and get back in the gym. I’m 6 weeks into that now, and enjoying the training every day.
    Hope the ankle recovers soon…

  8. As I was growing up and my joints were still a little…unsettled, I sprained ankles on a frequent basis. Having grown into my feet now and at the age of 30, my ankles seem to be nearly impervious to damage. I like to use the old addage, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

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