Really Simple Shareware

I’ll be in Denver later this week for the annual Shareware Industry Conference, and this year I’m giving an hour-long presentation titled “Simplicity Ain’t So Simple.”  The presentation is based upon a six-part series that ran in this blog last year:

I doubt my presentation will fill an entire hour, so if you plan to be there, please come with a few questions or comments!

4 thoughts on “Really Simple Shareware

  1. Drat! Had I known about that sooner I might have been able to represent a client there. Such is the way of things. I hope your presentation goes well. As Brian Regan says, “Take luck!”

  2. Hey Nick! As I told you at SIC, great presentation!
    I enjoyed the discussion and had a great time while I was in Denver. I hope to see you again in Boston next year!

  3. Your presentation at SIC was great. I’ve been using TopStyle for several years now, and it’s nice to be able to pick your brain. Thanks for presenting. Hope to see you again next year in Boston.

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