10 More Tiny FeedDemon Tips

In the previous post I shared 10 Tiny FeedDemon Tips, but there are plenty more.  For example, you can:

  1. …find any feed you’re subscribed to by selecting "Keyword View" from the Views drop-down above your subscriptions
  2. …find new feeds by clicking "Subscribe" and then typing a keyword instead of a feed URL
  3. …change the search provider by clicking the arrow to the right of the search toolbutton (above the browser)
  4. …change the sounds used for specific events by clicking the "Sounds" button in FeedDemon’s options
  5. …change the number of articles to show in a newspaper page by going to the Reading tab in FeedDemon’s options
  6. …disable a FeedDemon watch by right-clicking it and removing the "Enabled" checkmark
  7. …visit your browser’s home page by pressing ALT+HOME
  8. …visit the home page of the current feed by clicking its title in the newspaper
  9. …change the sorting of articles in the newspaper by selecting View > Newspaper > Sort in Reverse
  10. …focus FeedDemon’s address bar by pressing ALT+D

PS: Check back tomorrow for even more tips.

One thought on “10 More Tiny FeedDemon Tips

  1. I thought I would like the first tip as there has been times where I could not find a feed in my many feeds subscribed but knew the blog name. The issue was when I switched back ALL my folders were collapsed so I had to go and expand them all. And since there is no expand all folders (even though theres a collapse all option).

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