Son of 10 More Tiny FeedDemon Tips

Yes, there are still more!  In addition to the FeedDemon tips listed in part 1 and part 2 of this series, you can also:

  1. …hide your subscriptions by pressing Ctrl+F11
  2. …assign keyboard shortcuts to many features by pressing Ctrl+K
  3. …prevent older articles from appearing in a feed by enabling the "Ignore new items older than" setting on the Advanced tab of the feed’s properties
  4. …see how many total feeds, items, unread items and flagged items you have by right-clicking the root Subscriptions folder, choosing "Folder Properties," then switching to the Statistics tab
  5. …click the feed icon at the top left of a newspaper to mark every article in it as read
  6. …move a feed by drag-and-dropping it between folders
  7. …prevent a feed from showing up in the attention report and popular topics by disabling "Collect attention data" in the feed’s properties
  8. …re-arrange browser tabs by drag-and-dropping them
  9. …clear a watch and run it again by right-clicking it and selecting "Rerun Watch"
  10. …add a minus sign to a watch keyword to exclude articles which contain that keyword

One thought on “Son of 10 More Tiny FeedDemon Tips

  1. Hi Nick, is there a way to disable the Feed Icon on feed just like NewsGator Online, just to concentrate on reading. I will appreciate very much.

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