15 Pounds to Go

Last week I announced that I was going to lose 20 pounds of blubber. This morning I weighed in and found that I’d dropped five pounds already – a nice start! Of course, the first week of eating healthy usually results in losing more weight than subsequent weeks, so I’m not about to get my hopes up that I’ll continue to lose at this rate. But if I can drop two pounds a week for 10 weeks, I’ll be happy.

Overall this first week of weight loss has been fairly easy, with the notable exception of yesterday – Easter Sunday. It was a challenge getting through the day without giving in to temptation and gorging on my kids’ Easter candy, but I survived by remembering that I’d blogged about my planned weight loss. It’s easy to cheat on your diet when you’re the only one who knows that you’re dieting, but it’s not so easy when you’ve told a bunch of people.

So by reading this, you’re actually helping me stick to my goals. And the nice part for you is that you don’t have to put up with me during meals, where I guarantee that I’d lustfully eye your food or give you that preachy “I can’t believe you’re eating that crap” look despite having eaten buckets of that same food before starting my diet.

Fat Tuesday

He's wafer thin
Note to Chris Pirillo: you’re not the only one who has gained weight. I usually keep myself fairly fit, but I used last year’s surgery as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted (and boy, did I ever eat what I wanted).

Sooo…I sit here with twenty pounds (!) of extra blubber, and today is the day I start making it disappear. This isn’t the first time I’ve lost that much weight, but I plan to make it my last. Truth is, as much as I enjoy bad food, life is simply better when I take care of myself – I feel better, I think better, I sleep better, and yes, sex is better. Trading all that for the short-term pleasure of pizza and beer (mmmm…pizza and beer) just isn’t worth it.

So do I plan to do it by following some trendy diet? Nope. I’m just going to eat less, eat better and exercise more (that plan may not sell many books or videos, but it does have the benefit of actually working).

I’ll blog about my progress along the way, but for now, I just wanted to publicly state my goal to force myself to stick to it – after all, I’ve just told a whole bunch of people that I’m going to lose weight, so it would be embarrassing to fail.

Going Mobile

Just wanted to extend a warm welcome to Kevin Cawley, creator of SmartRead and SmartFeed for Windows Mobile. Kevin’s products have been acquired by NewsGator and he’s officially one of us now :)

As Greg Reinacker points out in his blog post about the acqusition, this further extends our synchronization platform, which already enables synchronization between:

  • FeedDemon
  • NetNewsWire
  • NewsGator Outlook Edition
  • NewsGator Online

Not too shabby, if you ask me!

Exercise and the Imbalanced Man

Well, it has now been two months since I had my head examined, and things continue to get better – a lot better, in fact.

The only thing that’s still affecting me to any real degree is the tinnitus in my left ear. If it just stayed the same pitch it wouldn’t be a big deal – I could learn to ignore it – but it has the really annoying habit of changing pitch. Even more annoying is the fact that it often changes pitch around 2am, waking me out of a dead sleep that’s often hard to get back into (which, btw, explains some of those posts I’ve made in the FeedDemon beta forum while most sane people are still asleep).

One thing that has helped get me “back on my feet” is yoga, which I started doing a couple of weeks ago. Convincing myself to do yoga wasn’t easy – for starters, I’m not what you would call the “yoga type,” so I had to make some personality adjustments to consider the idea. Overall it’s been really helpful, but attempting some of the balance poses after having a balance nerve removed has been a humbling experience (but I imagine yoga would be humbling even with your balance nerves intact).

I’ve also started going to the gym again, and that has likewise been humbling. Exercises that wouldn’t have phased me a few months ago now leave me so sore that I walk funny the next day. But I figure the fact that I’m able to get back to regular exercise after such a nasty operation is a good thing, silly walks notwithstanding.

Denying the Latest Rumor

As seems to happen all too often in the blogosphere, everyone likes to repeat a rumor, even when it’s completely unsubstantiated. So I’d like to get in front of the latest rumor by denying that it’s true. The rumor started here is definitely not true – I look nothing like that guy.

There, I’m glad to be able to clear that up. (What, there’s another rumor floating around? Geez…)

Kudos to StreamSec

Just wanted to publicly thank Henrick Hellström of StreamSec for the excellent support he’s provided me over the past few days. I had an urgent need for digital signature verification but had no prior experience with the topic, and Henrick was extremely helpful in getting me up to speed and getting my code in working order.

Given my experience with them, I can strongly recommend StreamSec to any Delphi developer who needs an encryption toolkit.