BUG: FeedDemon opens multiple IE windows

I’ve had several people report an ugly bug with the current FeedDemon beta that I’ve been unable to reproduce.

The bug apparently causes an endless number of external Internet Explorer windows to be launched after clicking a link in FeedDemon. This is obviously a nasty problem, and it’s something that must be fixed before FeedDemon can be released.

If you’ve seen this bug, please post a comment here and let me know if you’ve found a way to consistently reproduce it.

23 thoughts on “BUG: FeedDemon opens multiple IE windows

  1. In earlier versions :
    When you clicked a link in the internal browser, found the page to be slow loading and then hit the “back” button, you had hundreds(!) of IE pages opening. Pretty much every time.
    I have not seen this in 3a though.

  2. I agree with Michael, I used to do that and just skip to another feed and I was bombed by pop-ups. However, there’s now a “stopx” button — don’t think it was there before.
    Keep up the great work.
    P.S. Probably know this already: I prefer to use wbloggar separately but when I have tried to post “newsfeeds” to wbloggar from FeedDemon I receive the following at the beginning of my messages: “”. (Windows 98, IE6, FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 3, latest wbloggar.)

  3. I can reproduce it in 3a.
    Click on a link in the internal browser which is a slow page.
    Change to a different channel. And there you go – lots of IE windows.
    I haven’t found a way to get out of this other than killing feeddemon.
    Hope this helps.

  4. You’re right, James!
    I just tried it the way you describe it.
    Same effect – lots of windows.

  5. I saw it for the first time the other day.
    Once I was able to kill IE from the task manager, I returned to the same page, clicked the link again (sorry, I don’t remember what it was).
    Nothing abnormal happened that time.

  6. Hi there,
    I encountered this problem with the first public alpha that was mentioned in the newgroups but I have not encountered it in any of the beta versions.

  7. I have just encountered it in 2a. Now try to upgrade 3a and see what’s going.
    off topic: I have faced another problem while using your product. I’m a chinese user, I find that some chinese words were being filtered in the listing newspaper, e.g.”有”in big5 encoding which is Ś(ASCII:8C)ł(ASCII:B3) in iso-8859-1 encoding. Are those special characters are being filtered in your code? Besides, can FeedDemon display feeds which use non-unicode encodings? It can’t show japanese weblog feeds properly.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. Unfortunately, I’ve still no luck reproducing the problem, but I’ll keep trying. I’ve also just received an email from someone who has seen this same problem in a different program, so it may be that this is a in IE itself.
    Jiu, there’s a bug in the current beta which causes it to incorrectly display a number of encodings. This will be fixed in the next beta.

  9. Hi Nick,
    I tried to reproduce on several platforms, access feeds that had lots of popups, but i can’t reproduce it either, maybe its something that delphi developers have installed and end users with no delphi haven’t..

  10. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for checking this out.
    Funny enough, Adam Stiles (of Netcaptor fame) just emailed me to say that he experienced the same problem with Netcaptor a long time ago. Netcaptor is also written using Delphi, so there may be some sort of IE/Delphi problem here.

  11. for me it happens when i closed a browser tab while the page was still loading.

  12. I had in in beta 3a, when I clicked on links on chrispirillo’s blog.
    It starts up a huge number of IE browsers. I use both IE and Firebird
    but it only starts up IE.

  13. I also encountered this “bug” in version 3a . . . I’ve upgraded to 4 today so hopefully it was something in 3. I only encountered it when looking at Boing Boing Blog. I can’t remember how it came about — but it clogged my system enough that I couldn’t even hit ctrl-alt-delete until all the windows opened. The most I had at one time was 76 windows. I was viewing it in three-pane mode, and have it automatically going to the web page as I click the link. I clicked on the next news item and all of a sudden all these windows opened.
    I’ll let you know if it pops up when I finally get down to there sometime today!
    good work so far on the reader! I love it!

  14. Hiya, what is feeddemon? I was doing a search to find out what could possibly be causing my computer to do this (along with 5 other computers between my family that have started to do this spuratically since installing windows 2000. I now have win XP and so do most of the family but after reformats etc. this still has not stopped. I’m inclined to believe that unless this feeddemon is soemthing included with a lot of programs or windows that this is not the cause of this bug but only seems to mimic it or activate what the true problem already is? Just my thoughts but sure would love to know what is making it do this.
    What I was able to do tonight tho for the first time ever was get the cntl/alt/del window showed up on top, I did cntl A and del and poof all gone and stopped. Interesting tho lol.

  15. oh BTW, I have topstyle program on this computer but no one else does, I don’t know if anyone else has any of the others but I’m a doubter that maybe only one person does. Not sure if that helps or not but is only thing I can find in common on this site at all.

  16. I also have this problem.. I am not running ‘feed demon’. My problem is 100% recreatable every time. All I have to do is click on any web page that has an embedded email link and I will get hundreds of windows that pop up from IE.
    running W2k Professional SP4 and IE 6.0.2
    Any ideas? hydrofoamula-bumpuss@yahoo.com

  17. FIXED – In I.E 6.0x when you click on an embedded web email link the browser was attempting to redirect to Outlook. Under IE options and the programs tab I changed the ’email’ to something other than outlook and now when I click I don’t get hundreds of I.E windows..
    Good luck, it must be an issue with IE and Outlook interfacing?

  18. There is definitely a problem with these forums. That last post is only partially mine and the rest of what I posted is apparently gone, and looks like it got intertwined with someone elses post as I didn’t say anything about it being caused by email when I posted lol. I hope that person at least got answered?
    Anyways mine is not recreatable at all it’s totally spuratic and random ( or at least assimilates randomness lol) I hope this forum isn’t bugged to the point of not getting messages posting correctly

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