Satisfied TopStyle Customer

Just thought I’d share this email I received from a TopStyle customer this morning:

I simply discovered more sheer intelligence per square inch in your program than I had any expectation of finding. Everything I wanted to do I could do, and much more. This is a totally amazing tool. I had to get up and pace a bit twice, just to work off the excitement of what I was discovering I could do. Simply incredibly intelligent programming. So…thank you. I just bought the program. Now I truly feel armed for bear, or more appropriately for CSS2 and XHTML.

Thank you. I wanted to share my excitement. And my gratitude.

16 thoughts on “Satisfied TopStyle Customer

  1. I will have to agree: Nick, since I have been using your products (top style and feeddemon) you have taken a big chunk of “techie geekiness must know” out of being able to maneuver the Internet and on how to be creative on the Internet as well. I wish there were more developers like you that actually took the time to read their newsgroup, reply to their customer base and produce a products that is widely accepted.
    -best regards,
    Andy Wood

  2. I agree — TopStyle is a brilliant product, and I’m enjoying the beta of FeedDemon as well. I used HomeSite for several years for HTML editing before switching to Dreamweaver MX last year, but I’m actually thinking of switching back to HomeSite as I find Dreamweaver to be deficient and frequently frustrating to use for hand-coding.

  3. I more than concur with everything said, TopStyle is *the* editor of choice for me.
    I’m also trying to get my university tutor and friends into the habit of hand coding… How wrong is *that*… a student trying to get their tutor to hand code!

  4. yeah, if not HomeSite is developing further and just get ‘some kind of’ integrated in Dreamweaver in the future I have to spend some hard time to find a new product for production.

  5. TopStyle

    After checking out FeedDemon, for Tapestry purposes, I decided to download TopStyle to help in my quest to understand more about web technologies, and also to help with building future websites. I started off with TopStyle Lite, and this evening…

  6. I fully agree to all the good words for TopStyle.
    But let’s not forget to praise the excellent support we get for this product.
    You won’t find that often.

  7. I agree, TopStyle is most definately one of the best pieces of software I use. However, I has been a while since its last update…

  8. Yes, I agree with all, this is a fantastic piece of software, I use it at work. I do have one question though. Why is it not available for Macs? My entire firm loves the program, and a number of us use Virtual PC for programs like this. The firm, however, cannot justify the $300 price for Virtual PC for each computer (there’s about 40 worksations).
    Sorry, wishful thinking I suppose. I sure won’t switch to Style Master though, it’s lame after using your software. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

  9. Hi Dan,
    I’ve considered writing a Mac version (I even have a Mac to prove it), but it’s tough for a one-man company to support multiple operating systems. It’s simply more manageable for me to stick with Windows. Although I have to admit, it would be nice to see what TopStyle would look like on OS X :)

  10. Do you make a living just out of developing TopStyle (and soon FeedDemon) Nick?

  11. I use TopStyle all day long at work and it’s the best. Since it’s not available for OS X, do you recommend a good CSS editor for that platform?

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