FeedDemon 2.5: Show me the video!

Online video has been taking off like crazy, but previous versions of FeedDemon have been stuck in the past because they prevented embedded videos from displaying in your subscriptions.  Luckily, FeedDemon 2.5 corrects this.  Now you can subscribe to video-enabled feeds and have their videos securely displayed within FeedDemon’s newspaper view.

Screenshot of a FeedDemon newspaper with an embedded YouTube video

Which means that if you’re viewing this in a FeedDemon 2.5 newspaper, you get to watch this completely irrelevant video of a guy failing to jump his car across the St. Lawrence river.

2 thoughts on “FeedDemon 2.5: Show me the video!

  1. Hi Nick, I am one your long-time customers and fan of your products. Congratulations on Feed Demon 2.5!
    I look forward to your next new innovative product.

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